Application form - Jenny & Zeljko Summer Camps 2020 - Working & Auditing spots

Lotus Education proudly presents the 10th edition of my and Zeljko Gora's popular summer camps, this will be ten years anniversary!

We will have the course together and all participants will have training sessions with both of us. There is no difference of level between SC1, SC2 and SC3.

The focus will be on perfect and improve your handling. We will teach you an efficient and fun, but simple handling to optimize the way and speed for you and your dog on course. We will work on tight turns in full speed, forward drive and the dogs best line. You will also try many different handling moves and learn how to be as efficient as possible as a handler! We are always trying to find the best solution for you and your dog as a team.

Zeljko is a well-known and really popular instructor, judge and dog trainer. He has had several successful dogs of different breeds. Check out his amazing youngster, Hash!

You can visit his website at:

Price: 3700SEK incl VAT 6%
Two training sessions per day/group.
Breakfast, lunch, refreshments and one barbecue night are included in the price.

If you need to cancel your spot for any reason, there will be an administration fee of 700 SEK and you will get 3000 SEK back. You are not allowed to sell your spot without checking with me and the waiting list.

For camping and other accommodations, please contact Anita Johansson:

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!


Happy summer camp participants!
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You are NOT guaranteed a spot by sending in the registration form. You will get an answer, latest April 1, if you have a place. If for some reason you know, before April 1st, that you can't / don't want to participate anymore, I ask you to contact me as soon as you can! Thanks! Payment information will come later. *
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