2021 Sustainability Awards Nomination Form
Nominations must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, December 6, 2020
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Eligibility and Criteria for Sustainability Award: https://sustainablesanmateo.org/home/nomination-criteria

The work of Sustainability Award winners must address each of the three E’s of sustainability: Environmental impacts, social Equity and Economic vitality. Available categories are:
• Individual
• Nonprofit
• Business
• Government agency
• Education institution

• The nominee’s work MUST have a local impact within San Mateo County. A nominee who lives or is based outside the county, and whose work has an impact inside the county, IS eligible for an award.
• A nominee who lives or is based inside the county, and whose work has an impact ONLY outside the county, is NOT eligible for an award, unless the nominee’s work has a positive national or global implication.
• If the nominee has received a Sustainability Award in the past, the Awards Committee will determine if enough significant improvement has been made to be eligible for a new award.

Each nomination is evaluated on how well the nominee’s actions reflect these basic sustainability criteria:
• Mission linked to sustainability advancement and forward-looking vision
• Key accomplishments that address the three “E’s” of sustainability: the Environment, social Equity and the Economy in San Mateo County
• Metrics that demonstrate sustainability progress
• Regional as well as local in scope
• Concerned with creating diverse and balanced communities
• Inclusive of social equity and well-being
• Supportive of public involvement in community decisions
• If the nominee has a physical location, environmental footprint (such as recycling and waste reduction, green building facilities, energy efficiency, water conservation and public transit/alternative transportation options and incentives)
• Pays a living wage and benefits to all employees
• Diverse workforce
• Partnerships and involvement of stakeholders in decision-making
• Healthy funding that assures continued operation
• Recent awards or recognition
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Please submit a description to support your application. Before completing this section, refer to the Eligibility and Criteria above. Your description must be limited to 1,000 words. We suggest that you draft your narrative on a computer and paste it here, as you won't be able to access your application after you submit it.
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