Old Colony Women's Soccer Scholarship 2019
OCWSL is happy to be able to support graduating high school female soccer players that live in Abington, Braintree, and Weymouth by offering a scholarship to further support their academic and career goals.

The league will award three, $250 scholarships (one scholarship per town). The scholarship is open to female residents of Abington, Weymouth, and Braintree, who play soccer and are graduating high school seniors.

Application Requirements and General Information:

1.) A completed scholarship application, which includes a copy of your high school transcript and resume, must be submitted by Friday, April 5, 2019.
2.) An essay that must be 500 words or less.
3.) The applicant must be a female soccer player from the town of Abington, Braintree, or Weymouth but does not need to plan to play college soccer to apply.
4.) All applicants will receive notice of their status before senior award night in their respective towns.

Questions should be directed to OCWSL at oldcolonywomenssoccer@gmail.com.

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