Application for School Tour of The Miami Sudbury School
Tours during a school day allow families the opportunity to see a Sudbury day "in action." Prospective students and their parents will have the opportunity to see how current students choose their activities individually and/or collaboratively, while always being part of a dynamic democratic community.

Every day is different, as it should be. Our student tour guides on the Admissions Committee will guide families through the school and answer questions. Staff will of course also be available to answer questions. If a student and their parents are interested in moving forward after the tour, they may be invited to do a Visiting Week at The Miami Sudbury School to allow the student time to really engage with the community.

To schedule a tour during school hours, please fill out this form completely - one per family of students.

We find that it's important for the entire family to be at least interested in and open to the concept of a Sudbury education. While Sudbury schools are often called the "way of the future," they are quite different from traditional schools most people are familiar with. We ask all parents/guardians involved in the prospective student's life to join the tour or at least fill out this application. If a Parent/Guardian is not present at the same time to fill out their portion, please have that Parent/Guardian fill out a separate form with just student name(s) together under Student #1 and their Parent/Guardian information portion so we can merge the forms.

Students are requested to fill out their own section or dictate answers to a Parent/Guardian. Unlike some schools where parents fill out forms and tour by themselves, each student is the central focus of a Sudbury school, as they will be an essential part of the school community.

Please note: The form will skip sections depending on the number of students and parent/guardians fill out the application.

Thank you and we look forward to meeting your family.
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