Project Roundabout 三年計劃最後一擊 《親親麗南》The Beauty Queen of Leenane
觀眾問卷調查 Audience Survey
I. 讓我們不斷進步 Please Let Us Improve
1.1 參與場次 Date of participation:
1.2 演出時間 Time of performance:
2.1 你對是次活動的各項評價 What do you think about the following aspects of the programme? (5 為最高分 as the highest score)
時間 Duration
地點 Venue
活動流程 Event Arrangement
宣傳 Promotion
收費 Ticket Price
演出者表現 Performance of cast
交流氣氛 Interaction
舞台效果 Stage Effects
藝術啟發 Artistic Inspiration
整體 Overall
2.2 對是次活動的其他感想 Other Comments for the Programme :
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2.3 你會為是次藝術體驗加上怎樣的 #主題標籤?(例 #刺激 / #感人) What #hashtag(s) would you use for this art experience?(E.g. #Exciting / #Touching)
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3. 參與是次活動的原因 Your reason(s) of joining the programme: (可選擇多於一項Can choose more than one box)
4. 你願意支付多少錢去觀看類似的演出? How much are you willing to pay for similar performances?
5. 在節目開始前, 你何時購買門票?Before the show begins, when did you purchase ticket for the programme?
6. 以下哪種(些)收費模式能增加你購買節目門票的意欲?Which of the following offering(s) will increase your incentive to purchase ticket for the programme? (可選擇多於一項Can choose more than one box)
7. 感興趣觀看的表演類型包括 The type(s) of theatre show(s) including: (可選擇多於一項 Can choose more than one box)
8. 在過往6 個月內,你曾觀賞以下藝術機構/空間所舉辦的表演嗎? In the past 6 months, did you visit the below arts spaces/ organizations?
9. 你喜歡在什麼時候參與劇場活動 When would you prefer to attend theatre? (可選擇多於一項Can choose more than one box)
星期一 Monday
星期二 Tuesday
星期三 Wednesday
星期四 Thursday
星期五 Friday
星期六 Saturday
星期日 Sunday
上午 Morning
下午 Afternoon
夜晚 NIght
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