The Nottinghamshire Youth Commission Survey. Can you help us gather your views on Abuse:
The Nottinghamshire Youth Commission is a peer led project funded by the Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner. The project aims to give young people a platform to be heard and bring about change in the services that impact upon young people living in Nottinghamshire.

We are working to raise awareness of the services in place to support young people affected by abuse and we need your help. We want to hear about your views, perceptions or experiences of abuse, particularly domestic abuse. All views are anonymous and will be used to highlight the issues young people face and help us develop recommendations for the Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner and other key decision makers in improving local services.
1. Out of the following, which type of abuse are you most aware of ( tick any that apply) *
6 points
2. How often do you think a call was made to the police in England and Wales regarding domestic abuse in 2019? *
1 point
3. In 2019 how many males in England and Wales do you think had reported experiencing domestic abuse? *
1 point
4. Ending March 2019, according to the office for national statistics for England and Wales, how many women do you think had reported experiencing domestic abuse?
0 points
Clear selection
5. Why do you think men are less likely to report abuse to someone compared to women? *
6. What do you think needs to be done to encourage more men to come forward and report any form of abuse ? *
7. Do you know of any laws that can help protect you against any form of abuse? *
1 point
If yes for the above question, can you name them?
8. If you or someone you know were experiencing abuse (domestic) would you go to the police? *
Tell us a little bit more about your response to the above question? *
9. What do you think should be done to help reduce abuse experienced by young people? *
10. How do you think we should encourage young people to report this crime? *
11. How would you want to receive information from organisations on how / where you can report? *
11. How would you want to receive information from organisations on how / where you can report? *
12. There are many places that people experiencing abuse can go to for support and below are just some examples. Which of the following are you aware of (please tick all that apply)
Clear selection
13. From the organisations listed above if any, would you consider contacting them if you or someone you knew was being abuse?
Thank you for helping us with our research
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