A Survey of Knights of Columbus members living in Connecticut
We would love to hear your answers to a few questions if you are a 3rd Degree Member of the Knights of Columbus currently living in the state of Connecticut. Otherwise, if you received this link in error, please do NOT respond. If you received an email please click on "FILL OUT FORM". We THANK YOU for your input! For more information please see http://kofcctdistrict.org
Are you currently a member in good standing of the Knights of Columbus? *
Do you currently live in the state of Connecticut? (select one) *
What is your current Degree level within the Knights? *
How active are you in your local council? (select one)
Have you ever considered joining the 4th Degree? (select one) *
Has another brother Knight ever invited you to join the 4th Degree? (select one) *
Which of the following activities are performed by the 4th Degree? (check all that apply) *
True or False: Being a member of the Color Corps/Honor Guard is a requirement of the 4th Degree. (select one) *
True or False: Priests are NOT members of the 4th Degree. (select one) *
The 4th Degree and their activities are discussed at our local council meetings. (select one) *
Has the change to the new uniform encouraged or discouraged you to join the 4th Degree? (select one) *
Why haven't you joined the 4th Degree? (check all that apply) *
What would help convince you to join the 4th Degree? (check all that apply) *
How would you like to receive information about the 4th Degree (check ALL that apply) *
What ideas do you have to help us recruit more members like yourself into the 4th Degree?
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SAVE THE DATE: The next Exemplification is May 5, 2019 in Hamden, CT. Please note this date if you are interested in making your Fourth Degree! How likely are you to sign up for this?
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