Scarlet Letters
“She had not known the weight until she felt the freedom.”
The Scarlet Letter

Workplace abuse is alive and well. Millions of people have experienced abuse, and little research or support exists. Estimates on the prevalence of the problem vary wildly, and no substantive resources exist to support those going through this. Abuse takes many forms and discriminates on many bases. The conversation, and research must move forward.

The most common reason we hear that someone has not told their story of workplace abuse is because of the backlash they believe is inevitable. This fear is not unfounded. Fears of retaliation and being judged are very real. As much as possible, we are removing this fear from the process. Tell us your story. Send it to us here. You don’t need to tell us, or the world who you are, just what happened. We will review it to remove anything that could identify anyone involved, and share it with others.

We are gathering and publishing stories that are currently relegated to the dark. Sharing your story can help others feel less alone, sharing it through us ensures that your privacy is protected.

Please remember that we are asking you to share stories that you are comfortable and able to share. If you have confidentiality agreements, contracts, or other barriers to sharing information, please be cautious.

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