e-Potato Post Survey
Please answer all of the questions in this pre survey form. NOTE: Some of the questions have more than one correct answer. Circle all answers that are correct.
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1. On which continent were potatoes first grown? *
2. When were potatoes first grown in the Andes Mountains? *
3. In which state were potatoes first grown in the U.S.? *
4. How many states in the U.S. currently grow potatoes commercially? *
5. Which five states are the leading producers of potatoes? *
6. Which of the following countries is the top producer of potatoes? *
7. What color groups do potatoes fall into? *
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8. What color potatoes have you eaten at home? *
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9. What color potatoes have you seen in the supermarket? *
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10. If Americans eat approximately 19 pounds of potato chips annually, how many 1 ounce bags of potato chips would this be? Hint: 1 pound = 16 ounces *
11. Based on your answer above, how many calories would the average American annually consume from potato chips? Hint: 1 bag = 160 calories *
12. What color potatoes are most often used to make French fries? *
13. When making frozen potato products, why are the potatoes sorted by size? *
14. What is blanching and why is it used in making frozen French fries? *
15. Which of the following potato products do we eat the most? *
16. Dehydrated potatoes are those in which the following has been removed: *
17. Which of the following is/are a potato ingredient? *
18. Which of the following is a mineral that is found in potatoes? *
19. Which of the following set of nutrients found in potatoes helps release energy from food? *
20. What food group do potatoes fall into? *
21. One serving of fresh potatoes weighs the same as one serving of frozen potatoes. *
22. One serving of fresh potatoes should take up how much of a 9-inch plate? *
23. How many food groups are contained in the following meal: steak, baked potato, broccoli, roll, milk? *
24. Which of the following nutrients listed on the Nutrition Facts Label should you consume less than 100% of the Daily Value? *
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