DSC Participatory Budget Proposal Submission
Please read all of the guidelines listed below before submitting your project proposal. All submissions are due no later than December 20, 2017 at 11:59 PM.

The Doctoral Students' Council aims for Participatory Budgeting to have the following impacts:
1) Open up Spending of Student Activity Fee: Allow students a greater role in spending decisions, and inspire increased
transparency throughout CUNY.
2) Expand Civic Engagement: Engage more students in activities within the GC community.
3) Develop New Community Leaders and Infrastructures: Build the skills, knowledge, and capacity of students.
4) Build Community Infrastructure: Inspire students to more deeply engage and invest in the GC community, while also developing a sustainable project to improve the community.
5) Make Spending More Equitable: Generate spending decisions that are fairer, so resources go where they are needed most.

If you have any questions about the award, submitting a proposal, or technical difficulties using the form, please email dsc@cunydsc.org.

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Submission Eligibility Guidelines
The purpose of PB is invest in some long-term aspect of the infrastructure at the GC. We are especially looking for projects that could improve the quality of student life for members of underserved communities.
Applicant Eligibility

Applicants must meet all of the following criteria in order to submit a proposal that will be considered eligible for consideration.
1) Individuals must be matriculated students in the fall 2017 and spring 2018 semesters at the Graduate Center in order to submit an application.
2) Submissions may be made on behalf of an individual or a group of individuals. If made on behalf of a group, all decision-making individuals must be listed on the application.
3) Applicants may only submit or be listed on one proposal and no more.

Project Eligibility
While only those statements where eligibility is expressly stated will be considered by the review committee, strong project proposals should take into consideration each of the following points.
4) Eligible projects should not be redundant with already existing services. For example, “unlimited paper for printing” is already something students have access to.
5) The timelines of eligible projects should be feasible and adhere to the budget restrictions. Projects involving changes to the building infrastructure may not be practical given that they will need the approval of administrative entities such as the Office of Facilities. Funds will likely not be made available until early January 2018 and will require spending before May 15, 2018. Please bear this in mind when developing your project timeline.
6) Competitive proposals will outline realistic projects with foreseeable outcomes that will significantly improve the quality of student life of the Graduate Center CUNY.
7) Desirable projects should have the potential to be sustained effects outside of the spending period.
8) Projects that are interdisciplinary (i.e., involving students and resources across multiple programs) will be given special consideration.

Tell us about your project idea.
You will need to complete and attach the form accessible here: http://tinyurl.com/DSCPB17doc. When completing this section, please be sure that your submission adheres to the guidelines.

You may include additional attachments or information such as a visual timeline, budget, or mock promotional material, as you may feel is necessary.

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