Young Leaders Access Program Mentor Application
The Young Leaders Access Program kicks off annually with the Young Leaders Incubator. The Incubator brings together youth from all over the world, united by the goal of creating positive change in their communities. The week-long intensive training program is broken into three phases: Modern Leadership, Global Citizenship, and Local Change. During the final phase of the retreat, Young Leaders will create a unique action plan to address an issue in his/her community. Over the following year, Young Leaders implement their plans while being guided remotely through online workshops and a Mentor from the Young Leaders alumni community.

Mentors play a crucial role in the success of MCW’s Young Leaders Access Program. In addition to guiding Young Leaders in the creation and implementation of a plan to create change, Mentors are integral throughout the Incubator. Mentors lead sessions and activities, facilitate monitoring and evaluation of the program, and aid in creating cohesion among the diverse group of Young Leaders. Mentors undergo customized training prior to the start of the program, and are supported by MCW staff throughout the year through quarterly “hangouts” and ongoing remote communication. MCW invests in the ongoing leadership development of our Mentors, and as such, Mentors are chosen very selectively and must meet all of the eligibility requirements.

Mentors benefit from the position by increasing their own leadership capacity, working with internationally and culturally diverse teams, and managing multiple projects simultaneously.


Mentors Must:
- Have successfully participated in MCW Young Leaders Program, Participants of the 2016 YLP are eligible
- Maintained communication and engagement with MCW
- Be fluent in written and spoken English
- Be able to demonstrate implementation of their vision plan in part or in whole, and what they have learned from the process so far
- Have access to email or another internet platform that allows consistent communication with MCW team and Young Leaders for the duration of the program
- Commit to attending the weeklong retreat, mentor training, and spending the following year guiding Young Leaders in the implementation of their plans in their communities (July 23-August 3)
-Be eligible for appropriate visa and travel documentation
-Submit completed application by March 10, 2017


March 10, 2017: Application Close (11:59pm NYT)
March 31, 2017: Applicants Informed of Acceptance Decisions
May 1, 2017: Accepted Applicants Confirm Participation with Visa Interview Date (if necessary)
July 23-24, 2017: Mentor Training in New York
July 25–August 3, 2017- Young Leaders Incubator
August 3, 2017- Open Doors Closing Ceremony (All guests welcome)
October 20, 2017; January 20, 2018; April 20, 2018; June 1, 2018- Mentor Hangouts and online workshop series (exact dates may vary)
June 15th, 2018- Program ends

By continuing to the next page, you confirm that you meet the eligibility requirements to participate as a Mentor in MCW Young Leaders Program.

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