Date choice for Masters Nationals
We are trying to establish when it would be best to hold Masters Nationals this first year. This survey hopefully contains the information you need, in order to tell us what would suit you best.
Things we know so far:
* Masters Nationals is likely to be a small event. So far we have interest from 4 Mixed Masters, 5 Open Masters, 1 Women's Masters and 0 Grandmasters teams. Given that, we could conduct it in one day.

* the Masters events for Euros and Worlds are being run completely separately from the standard Senior events. This is primarily to encourage Masters-aged players who are sure they want to play in the standard Senior event to also compete in Masters as well. We wish to respect this approach, so our Masters-Nationals will occur on a different weekend to UK Nationals.

* we will know exactly how many bids to WMUCC we have after the WFDF World Rankings are updated in July

* EUMCC happens August 12-15th

Is it important to you that Masters Nationals occurs before EUMCC? *
To overlap, or to add to the calendar?
The period between season start in March/April and EUMCC in August is pretty busy. Adding another stand-alone event to the calendar would mean you have to put aside time on another weekend, which we appreciate you may not want/be able to do, and we're interested in encouraging as many masters players as possible to come out to play. The alternative is to overlap with an existing event, such as the Alumni Cup (which already sits alongside Uni-Outdoor Nationals) or one of the Mixed Tours.
How would an overlap work?
Masters Nationals could be contained within a day. We would run it on the Saturday, to ensure teams are fresh, as befits qualifications for Worlds. Likely we could do a 10am start, 3pm finish, leaving time to play late games with your alumni/Mixed teams on the Saturday should you choose, and all day Sunday to play alongside them.

If your Masters team also entered Mixed Tour, then you would simply forfeit the games you miss (likely only 2, out of 18 over the series).

Why are we not considering overlap with Open/Women's Tour?
OWT is changing this year, being split over multiple venues. Masters players tend to be spread across Open teams in various divisions, some of which may be at different venues, which would make it unduly difficult to run Masters Nationals without forcing those players away from their teams.
Would you prefer overlap-with-an-existing event, or a new stand-alone event? *
IF we ran an overlap, please rank the potential dates *
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could make
Not Available
MT1 (Apr 1/2nd)
MT2 (Apr 22/23rd)
AlumniCup (29/30th)
MT3 (May 13/14th)
IF we ran a stand-alone, please rank the potential dates.. *
1st pref
could make
not available
April 8th
April 15th
May 6th
May 20th
June 3rd
July 8th
July 22nd
Sept 9th
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