2021 Jr Cougars Cross Country Preseason Registration- New or Novice Runners
All athletes must fill out the form below. Contact information is for our team use only and will remain private. This is for returning experienced runners. Practices will be Mon and Weds for an hour after school (meeting at the Chattahoochee Practice Fields) plus Saturday 8 AM (Webb Bridge) and Sunday Family Runs at 5 PM (Alpharetta YMCA).
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Disclaimer: This is private coaching done by the adult coaches of JRCXC in an effort to prepare your child for the JRCXC season. This preparation includes building an aerobic base, stretching, and some general strength training. All of these physical activities carry a risk of injury. The coaching staff will attempt to keep your kids safe, but injuries/accidents do occur. You agree not to hold any of the JRCXC staff or students responsible for any injuries/accidents that do occur. *
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