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Enchanted Flames is an anthology of Fantasy short stories about magical creatures of fire, aiming to raise money to support communities at risk of wildfires. For more about the chosen charity, join our Facebook fan group and you'll be the first to know which charity we decide to support.

This is an opportunity for you to get a free advance review copy of Enchanted Flames before it releases on 18 June 2023!

Reviews are incredibly important for the success of a book. Amazon's algorithm pushes new releases with reviews to more potential buyers. Leaving a review within 48 hours of Enchanted Flames going live will help us reach more people and make more sales, which will increase the amount we can donate to the charity. Your help is imperative in making this charity project a success and raising more funds in support of communities threatened by fire. Thank you for your commitment.

Please note, there are a limited number of places on this street team. Please do not sign up if you are not committed to leaving a review of Enchanted Flames for the book's release in the third week of June, 2023. Additionally, due to the limited numbers, we will be giving preference to reviewers who've previously supported Enchanted Waters, Enchanted Forests, or any book by any one of the authors participating on the anthology. The authors are: Alice Ivinya, Sky Sommers, Elena Shelest, Lyndsey Hall, N.D.T. Casale, Ben Lang, Xander Cross, Donna White, Jo Holloway, and Astrid V.J.

Add astrid_v_j@outlook.com to your contacts for the email you provide here to avoid messages ending up in the spam folder by accident. Advance review copies will be sent out by May 15 at the very latest.

What we need from you:
~ an honest Amazon/Goodreads/Bookbub review of Enchanted Flames, preferably submitted within 48 hours of the book going live on Amazon.
~ support in spreading the word in the run up to the release and during release week. Share our posts on Instagram, Facebook and other social media sites.
~optional, but still immensely helpful. Reviews on other sites such as Instagram blogs etc.

What you get from us:
~ one e-book copy of Enchanted Flames at least three weeks before the release date on June 18, 2023
~ one free e-book copy of a book by Astrid V.J. You can select one from the list below.

Please join the Enchanted Anthologies Fans Facebook group for regular updates and access to graphics and posts for public sharing, as well as sneak peeks of the illustrations and stories (exclusive to this group). https://www.facebook.com/groups/enchantedwatersfans

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