Senior Phase Parental Consultation
There has been a great deal of interest in Scotland’s senior phase curriculum in recent months. Following this we have decided to look again at our curriculum here in Portree High School.
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Currently students in S4 have 4 periods of Maths and English, and 5 periods of their other four choices. If we were to increase the choice to 7 subjects, this would be reduced to 4 teaching periods for each. Do you think that the benefit of more subjects outweighs the reduction in teaching time?
Currently there is a free choice in the four non-core subjects. If we were to increase to 5 choices, this would allow the majority of pupils to continue with a Science, a Social Subject, a Language, etc. Would you support this?
Currently we change the timetable in June. If we were to go ahead with these choices, we may change the timetable earlier, in May. Would you support this?
If there is a reduction in teaching time, more emphasis would be placed on completing work at home. Do you feel that your child would cope with the extra pressure of increased homework?
On balance, which option would you prefer?
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