Virtual Family Survey
Welcome to VIRTUAL 5th grade! This year will no doubt be a different one, and to best meet the needs of all students I am asking families to fill out the following survey. I am including all I can think of, but I make no promises, I may have to ask you to complete another survey in the future.
I am excited to work with you and your student this school year!
Your Student's First Name: *
Your Student's Last Name: *
Your name (first & last): *
I will be sending out weekly emails to inform families of the week's happenings, please list all email addresses you'd like to receive these weekly updates. *
Does your student have a device they will be using to access their virtual classroom, email, and interactive websites? *
Each day we will have Google Meet Meetings, each student will join one for Math and one for Language Arts. Due to the large number of virtual students, there will be two math meetings. Please indicate below which meeting time would be best for your student for MATH? If you are flexible, please mark the "Either is fine" option and your student will be assigned making groups equal in size. *
The virtual instruction will rely heavily on Math and Language Arts, but I'd like to include some Science instruction, as well. I'm thinking about an interactive science assignment that would be assigned on Monday and due Friday. These assignments would explore 5th grade science topics. Would this be ok with you and your student? *
Please list anything you'd like me to specifically address at Open House.
Are there any specific questions you have about the upcoming school year?
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