Refugee Solidarity Summit 2020 Bursary Application Form
The Grassroots Refugee Solidarity and Support network is largely made up of community activists, unpaid volunteers and small unfunded organisations who are often reliant on crowd funding and in-kind support to carry out their work.

The bursary fund is open to applications from all independent volunteers past and current, and organisations who would not be able to attend without financial assistance.

The Bursary scheme will cover reasonable travel costs and may additionally cover the cost of your ticket to the event.

The bursary doesn't cover accommodation. We suggest that wherever possible you arrange to stay with one of the Summit hosts - this can be arranged via the Summit travel and accommodation Facebook group:

The bursary will also be used to fund visa applications for people who require a Visa to travel to the UK .

Priority will be given to applications from activists and responders with lived experienced of displacement or who are working long term in the field.

The Summit bursary scheme is funded by LUSH UK and with tickets provided using our pay it forward incentive, where larger funded organisations are encouraged to put a ticket in the pot for a volunteer.

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Personal statement. Please outline, in no more than 300 words, the impact that attending the summit would have on you and your work and how it will positively affect the people you are working to support. Please be as specific as you can about why you need the bursary.
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