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FALL 2021 Incoming Freshmen
This form will capture your 8th-grade student's Small Learning Community (SLCs) choices for 9th grade. You can view our Small Learning Communities on our website: www.slzusd.org (Click on Departments, Secondary Education, Small Learning Community). There are various documents on the right side of this page to provide you with information before making your SLC choices.

Fill this form and submit your responses before Friday, December 18, 2020. All forms completed by the deadline will be included in the first round of placement. Late forms will result in placement based on space availability.
Parents, please NOTE: Carefully review your student's placement options before submitting.
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I have other older siblings presently enrolled at one of the high schools. This does not apply to students presently in the 12th grade. If none, check N/A. *
If you have Sibling(s) add his/her First and Last name and their present Grade. If none, skip this question.
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Rank your top 5 (five) SLCs (1 being your top choice). Please do not duplicate choices. We cannot place everyone in their first choice, we'll do our best to place in one of top 3 (three) choices. Notice where each SLC is located. Students placed in their 1st (first) or 2nd (second) choice, are not immediately eligible to appeal.

BADA - Bay Area Digital Art (San Lorenzo High School)
EBA - East Bay Arts (Co-located at San Lorenzo High School)
Future - Future Leaders for Social Change (Arroyo High School)
H & M - Health & Medicine (Arroyo High School)
LLC - Law, Leadership and Culture (San Lorenzo High School)
Promise - Advancement Via Individual Determination or AVID (San Lorenzo High School)
Tech Links - Tech Links Business & Finance (Arroyo High School)
TREND - Transportation, Engineering and Design (Arroyo High School)

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