PCP - Art Brief Questionnaire
A series of questions for your perfect hangstyle.
Email address *
What walls do you want to hangstyle (i.e: living room, master bedroom, etc.)?
Please attach pictures of the walls to outfit
What are the dimensions of the walls you’d like to outfit?
Are there any furnishings for the room (including rugs, lighting, etc.) that are not pictured? Please describe.
What is your overall budget including artwork, framing and curating fees?
Anything specific you do not want to see on the walls?
Anything specific you do want to see on the walls?
Do you have a deadline for completing this project?
Do you have any existing artwork you’d like to use for the hangstyle?
Please upload images of pre-existing artwork you would like to include in your hangstyle.
What is more important?
Do you prefer?
Do you prefer artwork that is considered?
How do you want the space to feel?
Which of the following do you want to include in your hangstyle?
What would you say your home style is?
Do you have a Pinterest Board? If yes, please include a link.
Please upload any photos that inspire you and/or reflect the desired feel you would like your hangstyle to have.
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