"Narcan Reporting Form"
Thank you for reporting usage of your Narcan kit. All information you provide is anonymous. Knowing how many lives are saved will help us report to our funders to keep this program running and help us better understand the needs of our community.

You can request a replacement kit by calling 413-587-4930, which can be sent by mail or picked up in person.

Hampshire HOPE is a county wide effort made up of advocates, leaders and organizations from our community, such as public health, healthcare, behavioral health, harm reduction, schools, recovery centers, the Northwestern District Attorney’s Office, first responders, police departments, and other justice related agencies.

If you or someone you love would like support, please contact our Drug Addiction and Recovery Team (DART) program at 413-588-2335 or HampshireHOPE@northamptonma.gov. DART is a collaboration between police and recovery coaches who assist people at risk for or have experienced an overdose, as well as family members who would like support connecting to area resources.

Where did you get the narcan used?
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Where did you get the Narcan used?
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Age of the person who used narcan? *
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