Welcome to Rockville 2019 - Guest Services Volunteer Opportunities
WE WANT YOU... to volunteer for the Welcome to Rockville Music Festival May 3-5, 2019 in Metropolitan Park (1410 Gator Bowl Blvd. Jacksonville, FL 32202). Check out the festival website here: http://welcometorockvillefestival.com/.

My name is Cari and I run a small company called Fahntoosh Enterprises. We work at festivals all over the country to provide valuable services for the patrons who attend the events. We rely on volunteers in each of those cities to help us. Check out our website at www.fahntoosh.com or our FaceBook page at www.facebook.com/FahntooshEnterprises for more information.

PLEASE NOTE that you MUST be at least 18 years old to volunteer at Welcome to Rockville.

This is the first of several online actions you'll be asked to complete if you decide to volunteer with us. We must have the t-shirt order in as soon as possible so please respond to this ASAP. You will not be able to change your shirt size once the order is placed.

Also, please be on the lookout for emails in the coming days both from Fahntoosh Enterprises and a company called VolunteerLocal (volunteerlocal.com). VolunteerLocal is the web-based scheduling service we use to schedule all of our events.

There will be at least 3 types of volunteer jobs:

:: Accessibility Center - distributing Access wristbands and answering questions from patrons with disabilities
:: Access Platforms - staffing the (2) viewing platforms at the main stages to host our ADA fans and ensure only fans with disabilities and their ONE companion access the platform (with the help from security as necessary)
:: Info Booth/Lost & Found - staff the info booth(s) answering questions from patrons and assisting with the Lost & Found program

We will more than likely run three 5-hour shifts each day, with start/end times varying by the job. You will be able to select your shifts through VolunteerLocal in the coming weeks.

You will be given a Fahntoosh t-shirt to wear while you're volunteering. In addition, you will want to wear/bring:
:: Comfortable closed-toe shoes (i.e., tennis shoes)
:: Casual, weather-appropriate shorts or jeans; dress in layers
:: Bring a different shirt to change in to when not working
:: Refillable water bottle is always a good idea
:: Rain gear - it’s a rain or shine event - watch the weather reports!

Thanks so much and don't hesitate to holler if you have questions!

Cari (and Amy, Craig, and Tom too!)
Fahntoosh Enterprises

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