Leadership: So What? Form
This form is to be completed following the attendance of campus-hosted leadership events. The purpose is to ensure that in attending these events, brothers are being attentive as well as gaining transferable leadership skills. Points will be awarded to responses displaying effort. Please direct any questions, comments, or concerns to Yingying Kwok at leadership.director@apo-aa.org

**Max 2 total So What? form points (4 completed forms) can be completed over the semester.**
**The only events eligible for a So What? submission are campus resource events worth 0.5 points on their own**
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Please submit a thoughtful response of at least 100 words in length. Points you must touch upon: How does this relate to leadership and what leadership skills SPECIFICALLY did you take away? What did you learn and how can you use this in the future? (NOTE: This should not be just a SUMMARY. If your response doesn't include an event's relation to leadership, you will NOT receive points for your response. I want to know HOW this event can help you grow as a leader - present a leadership takeaway to me!!!)
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