International GLAM-WIKI conference 2018
The GLAM-WIKI conference 2018 will bring together the GLAM-Wiki community, Israeli GLAM professional, Wikimedians, and leading figures from cultural institutions and from the GLAM community all over the world. The purpose of this survey is to help Wikimedia Israel's conference organizers plan the event for the international GLAM community.

Your responses will help organizers understand what level of demand there is for the event (how many people in your community think it is important that the event happens) and begin to get consensus on what topics are important to this community.

1. Which are the three most important topics that your community needs to discuss in person? *
Please limit your response to the three topics, listed in order of importance (1=most important).
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2. Please list at least two projects that your community needs to work on in-person. For each project you name, please describe the tasks that are difficult to do online which should be done in-person. *
Please limit your response to three projects, listed in order of importance (1=most important).
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3. What is the most important goal, problem, or obstacle you think this community should focus on in the next 12 months, and why? *
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4. What does your community need to do at an in-person gathering to achieve that goal? *
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5. Are there skills that you think are important for you or your community to learn that would help you achieve this goal? *
If yes, please limit your response to three skills, listed in order of importance (1=most important).
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6. What social activities or sessions do you think are important to include at in-person events?
Select the two types of activities that are most important to you.
7. How would you prioritize the time we spend together at the conference? *
You may rank a maximum of two choices as 'high priority'.
High priority
Medium priority
Low priority
Not important
Strategic conversations: discussing issues affecting your community that need to be resolved
Working groups: working on projects that are difficult to plan online
Capacity building: learning skills that will help your community achieve its goals
Community building: meeting people, learning about new projects, sharing your talents, and having fun
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