Suggest a Game!
I am looking for games that are fun for me to play and are entertaining for the audience

I Like:
-Games with a plot, are weird, scary, or make me go WTF
-Games that can be completed with minimal assistance

-I only broadcast games that I own
-Let me know if you’ve made this game/hack. I want to give credit where it’s due.
-Steam donations are always welcome, but not required.
-I try to keep a good balance between broadcasting old games and new releases.

Please be patient; I get so many suggestions each week! I will try my best to get to yours! :)

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How much does this game cost? Is it free? Can I buy it on Steam?
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Why this game? Anything else? *
Give me a good reason why I should go out, acquire this game, and broadcast it on my channel! Let me know anything else I should know! Did you make it? Is it free and you know the link to download the games? Should I play it with a special ruleset? Do you like bacon?
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