YogaMOOC Learner Activity Hub
This is the form to have your blog added to the YogaMOOC Learner Activity Hub. You can use either a blog dedicated solely to this course, or use an existing blog and create either a category or tag with the name "YogaMOOC" (you will need to have at least one blog post using that tag or category before filling out this form). Please note that the "tag" feature of a blogging website is different than using a hashtag in the post body or title.

We are not providing you with a blog. You will have to create one on your own if you want to us one. This is not a class requirement - it is just an option for those that want to utilize it.

Typically, WordPress blogs work fine, but Blogger websites run into more troubles. Blogger websites use "labels" as "tags."

The theme that we are using requires a category image for each blog. We will use your avatar from either your blog or Twitter. If you have a preference - or even would rather use another image that is somewhere else online - please let us know in the "Comments or Concerns" field below. At this time, the plugin we use (FeedWordPress) does not support Featured Images per post, so we can't pull that into the hub.

Please note: This is not an automated process. YogaMOOC staff will have to manually add your blog to the hub, which will mean there will be a delay between when you fill out this form and when your blog appears in the hub (if there are no errors). Additionally, individual posts have to be added to the hub, so there could be a delay of up to one business day before your post is added. If you update older posts, those will have to be re-added as well.

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