Cthulhu Live: The Stars Are Right LARP sign-up sheet
We'll be a running a small Cthulhu Live game at Shenenanegans on the 3rd of November.
Sign up here if you'd like to take part. We'll be contacting people via email to provide them with a player's guide and further information over the next couple of weeks.
Find out more about the club night at https://www.facebook.com/events/512393855440609/?fref=ts
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Will you be able to arrive at the club's opening time (9pm)?
We're hoping to get this started early, but may be able to get players involved later, as long as they let us know in advance that they'll be arriving late.
Would you prefer to be an Investigator or a Cultist?
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Players will be responsible for buying their own entry tickets for the club (priced at £5). There will be no fee for participating in the game but the GMs reserve the right to terminate the game or remove anyone from it if they feel that things have got out of hand. This is a NON-COMBAT game and it is important to both the plot and the club night that we don't interfere with non-players. The GMs will facilitate this and provide you with all the information you need. Their word is law. No running with scissors.
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