Café Night Partner Application & Policy
Roxbury Innovation Center and the Venture Café Foundation aim to provide a venue and a supportive environment for building trust and sharing information (see the Venture Café Credo (

PLEASE review the general guidelines for hosting events at the Café and then fill out the form below, if you are interested in holding an event.

This is a living document, and it may change as we learn about what is needed to make our events work and serve the community in the best way.

When requesting an event, please keep in mind:

- We recommend visiting a Café Night @ RIC at least once before requesting to host an event. Event hosts or sponsors should understand what Café Nights are about before running an event there.

- Design your event to bring in interesting people who will enrich the experience for all participants.

- Don’t be in “sell” mode. Act as you would if invited to a dinner party.

- Don’t make the event about you and your company: instead, make it about the problem your company is solving and the opportunities for innovation around it.

- If you meet people, follow up if you made a connection, but apply the dinner party rule to how you follow up.

After submitting the request, RIC event staff will respond back to you to communicate if the event request has been accepted. All events will be screened for appropriateness.

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