2017 Volunteer Application
Girls Rock! Rochester is a volunteer-based non-profit music and mentoring organization dedicated to using music creation and performance as tools for cultivating self confidence in girls and trans youth. We foster creativity while building a supportive community of peers and mentors, to help girls develop life and leadership skills that will effect positive social change.

At GR!R, we provide a community driven response that is dedicated to identifying and deconstructing gender-based oppression while addressing the ways it manifests itself in female socialized and/or identified youth: behaviors such as competitiveness, self-doubt, and negative self-image. We use supportive, multi-generational, peer mentoring model. This model works to create a safer space that encourages the fearless expression, artistic experimentation, thoughtful analysis, and imaginative action of our participants. We believe in gender self-determination and our programs are open to all girls and trans youth.

If you have any questions, please email: kaci@girlsrockrochester.org

There are all different kinds of roles with various responsibilities and time commitments. There are many roles that do not require music experience! Volunteers must be 19 at the time of camp to participate.

Deadline for applications is June 14, 2017. Volunteers will be contacted on a rolling basis.

*It is important for NEW volunteers to attend an in person group interview. If you cannot attend an information session, GR!R’s Program Director will follow up with you about a phone interview.

Saturday, June 3 – 11:00 am
Tuesday, June 13 - 6:30pm

Mandatory Volunteer Training:

Certain volunteer positions require specific training (Instructors, Band Managers, Band Coaches, Workshop Leaders). This training will focus on our unique audience and audience needs. If you apply for one of these positions, please understand that training sessions are mandatory and non-negotiable. Not only will a well-trained staff ensure an awesome experience for our campers, but will also make camp week enjoyable and productive for staff as well. EVERYONE should be able to walk away from camp satisfied (if a little tired).

Volunteer training for (Direct Mentorship Positions) will take place on Saturday, June 17 from 11:30am-2pm.

Orientation: Sunday, July 30 (Required for all volunteers) 2-5pm

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Volunteers must be 19 or older at the start of camp.
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We recognize that pronouns are fluid and may change. We ask only so that we have a sense of how you would like us to refer to you.
Which of the following racial groups comes closest to identifying you? Check all that apply, and use the "other" box to share any additional ethnicity information.
We don't love checkboxes, but they are helpful for grant reporting, so thank you for responding.
We recognize that people are coming to GR!R with many intersecting identities and experiences.
We want to get to know you! Please share any additional identities that are important to you.
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We ask because some employers offer ‘Dollar for Doer’ Volunteer Grant programs and/or provide in-kind donations. To sustain our work, GR!R really relies on relationships within our amazing community. We may follow up with you about possible connections
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