SAFERPLACES Improved assessment of pluvial, fluvial and coastal flood hazards and risks in European cities as a mean to build safer and resilient communities
The main objective of the SAFERPLACES project is to develop and test innovative climate, hydrological and hydraulic, topographic and economic modelling techniques to assess pluvial, fluvial and coastal flood hazard and risk in urban environments under current and future climates.

This is a preliminary survey to collect feedback on flood hazard and risk tools by the potential end-users, in order to share and discuss these topics during the first local stakeholder meetings that will take place in December, in the three project pilot countries (Italy, Germany and Spain). With this questionnaire, we are pleased to invite you to the local meeting of your country (data, location and agenda will be communicated by email in due time).

Feel free to contact us at the following address for any clarification on the project and on the following questions.

You will be contacted, in any case, by the end of the project, to be informed about the project results.

Thank you for your collaboration!

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