SCED Dialogue to Change: Facing Racism in a Diverse Nation
SCED's Dialogue to Change program is a community dialogue process to help people explore complex issues, make some decisions and begin to take action. Our focus is reached by a series of structured dialogues (referred to as ‘study circles’) that provide a safe and effective way for residents to discuss and address community issues. A single study circle is a small, diverse group (10-15) of participants who meet for about two hours weekly for a structured dialogue over six weeks where they address a critical public issue in a democratic and collaborative way. Led by a neutral facilitator, people consider an issue from many points of view. Study circle dialogues are not typical meetings in which members feel unheard and worse still, feel that nothing is resolved or acted upon. On the contrary, a round of dialogue is designed to lead to collaborative action.

Building off the success of our ongoing Spring Series, we are currently accepting applicants for a new dialogue group from 4:00 - 6:00pm on Sundays. The curriculum builds momentum and community; it is important therefore that all who sign up take part fully. Thanks so much!

For information: Rev. Horace Sanders, Jr. 374-2683 ext 112 or FearNot@SICM.US

Space is limited! Sign up to reserve your space now!

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Location to be determined but convenient to participants, not in homes. If we cannot fit you into the upcoming group, we will put you on an active waiting list. In all cases, members are welcome to bring food/snacks to share.
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