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Thanks for helping us build a database of Startup ESOPs policies. It will take 2-3 minutes of your time and can help thousands of others to make wealth and right career decision for themselves.

You may fill it with your name or anonymously as all information that we seek is public information or a personal judgement/review.

Feel free to answer to the best of your knowledge. Don't worry we understand there can be some errors and our team will take care of those by asking multiple employees/founders and correct any mistakes that may have come in case of a few responses.
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Like- Paytm, Dream11, Ola
Is there an ESOP policy at your company? *
You can answer rest of the questions in same manner be it ESOP or RSUs
What is the cliff period for ESOPs? *
Cliff Period is the period after which any employee becomes eligible to get any ESOPs
What is the vesting period for your company? *
What is the type of vesting that is followed? *
How is the vesting post cliff period? *
Example- Quarterly means some portion will vest every quarter after say 1 year of cliff period
Has there been any buyback of shares so far? *
How frequently is there an ESOPs buyback event? *
What is the strike price to convert ESOPs into shares? *
Ex- few companies give share at Rs 10 per share Vs few offer at last fund round price of Say Rs 300 per share
What is the exercise period of ESOPs in case of an Exit? *
Is there a capping in share price for buyback /forced liquidation after Exit? *
How is ESOP related communication done? *
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