Cultural Enhancements for the Citizens of Grimes
The City of Grimes seeks to enhance cultural experiences and amenities for residents and visitors. Please take a moment to complete this survey. Your thoughtful responses will ensure recommendations make the best use of Grimes’ unique assets, existing resources and reflect local culture.
What drew you to live in Grimes?
What is iconic about your community? If Paris has the Eiffel Tower or a truck brand has reliability, Grimes has ...
What are your favorite “best kept” secrets in Grimes?
Please choose along the lines of "agree" to "disagree" to answer: I want cultural experiences that.... *
Yes, we need this.
Somewhat needed.
Not needed.
Create memorable places for people to be.
Enhance community facilities.
Offer experiences that interact with my work life.
Create whimsy and delight in everyday places.
Encourage neighborly interactions.
Enhance community pride.
Creates visual markers, landmarks and gateways.
Celebrate local history and culture.
Attract tourists, new residents and businesses to boost the local economy.
Name a place in Grimes with untapped potential. (You've always wished that...)
What would tempt you to move to another community?
What do you find special about Grimes?
Where was your favorite place to play when you were growing up?
If you would like to stay connected to on-going efforts to enhance cultural amenities in Grimes, please enter your name here and make sure to include your email in the following question.
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