Tutor time questionnaire
Please complete this questionnaire about tutor time in school. If you would like to talk about anything in this survey please email Miss Hartigan or Ms Crane-Lupton to discuss your ideas.
There is a clear structure for each tutor time. *
My tutor checks my uniform daily and challenges me when I am not in the correct uniform. *
My tutor expects me to be on time to every tutor session. *
My tutor enquires about my absence and we have conversations about my attendance when needed. *
I talk to my tutor about my progress in my subjects and we identify areas that need improving. *
I take pride in being part of my tutor group. *
My tutor encourages me to take part in representing my house. *
My tutor checks the quality of planner and whether it's been signed every week. *
My tutor has high expectations of me. *
I feel I am supported to do my best by my tutor. *
Last term did you receive any of the following: *
If so, how did you feel when you received this award?
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What other incentives could the school use to reward good behaviour? *
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