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1. Getting Started

* Rudiments with Metronome and Drum Tuning 1. (Getting Familiar)
* The Best Posture and Comfort for your kit. (Health)
* Drum Set up and Gear. (Comfort and your sound.)
* Warm Up with Metronome. (Hands, Feet and Mental)
* Time-Keeper and Metronome. (Foundation)
* BONUS- Play Along

2. Developing Foundation

* Ghost notes and Basic Fills with Metronome. (Foundation and Control)
* EQ Yourself (Control and Dynamics)
* Grooves with Metronome (Finding the magic)
* 2 Bar Repeat with Metronome.(Creativity)
* Groove Placement. (Confidence and Creativity.)
* BONUS - Play Along

3. Developing Expression

* Drum Tuning 2. (Knowing your sound.)
* Odd timing. (Knowing where you are.)
* Combinations. (Linear Fills and Chops.)
* Combination Placement. (Control and Spirit.)
* Open Soloing. (Independence and Soul.)
* BONUS - Play Along

4. Incorporating Electronics

* Trigger Pads and Brain. (Electronics)
* Outputs and Seperation. (Assigning and Programming.)
* Sampling and Sounds. (Programming.)
* Drum Triggers. (Acoustic and Electronic.)
* Acoustic and Electronic Hybrid Set up. (Acoustic and Electronic.)
* BONUS - Play Along

5. Work For Hire Drummer

* Work for Hire Tuning. (Knowing your instrument.)
* Work for Hire Retention. (Music Industry Quickness.)
* Work for Hire Execution. (Mental and Physical.)
* Work for Hire Triggers. (Trial and Error.)
* Work for Hire Song Format. (Staying Ahead of the game.)
* BONUS - Play Along
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