Connections 2022 Call for Presentations
Connections US 2022 is expected to be conducted in person at The Institute for Defense Analysis (IDA) Alexandria, Virginia, July 26-29. We will reassess our plans should public health considerations warrant. Updates to the planning for this year's conference will be found at:

Since 1993, Connections has brought together practitioners from every segment of the wargaming community to share best practices and advance professional dialogue in the field. Connections is open to all wargaming practitioners and we welcome international participation.

In order to provide the widest possible range of panelists and topics to Connections 2022 attendees, the Connections interdisciplinary wargaming conference is seeking proposals for presentations from all interested parties. Our conference theme for 2022 is "Wargaming and Experimentation" and we would especially welcome any presentations that touch on some aspect of this topic. However, relevance to the conference theme is in no way a requirement and we will fully consider any presentation relevant to other dimensions of wargaming.

We invite you to propose a presentation at Connections US 2022. There are a number of venues and formats to do so including formal presentations, panel discussions, keynote speeches etc. Please note that if you propose to present:

a. After the conference the organizers will publish and make freely available all presentation materials (both online and in print) as the Conference Proceedings. You agree that Connections may include your materials in the said Proceedings without remuneration to you. You retain unrestricted rights to publish your materials elsewhere.

b. You take all responsibility for ensuring your materials do not contravene copyright, national security regulations, or any commercial confidentiality agreement.

c. You will ensure your presentation does not contain unprofessional material that may distract from the mission of the Connections conference, focuses on a dimension of professional relevance to the art, science, and craft of wargaming, and conforms to our standards and values.

There are several potential formats for presentations:
- Panels are a series (usually 3) of presentations followed by a single audience Q&A session for all presenters. Presentation topics within a given panel do not need to be closely related, though they will be grouped by the conference organizers thematically to the greatest degree possible. An individual panel presentation is typically about 20 minutes of speaking time, plus time at the end of each panel for Q&A. We will group selected presentations into panels, but if you have a concept for a panel you would like to propose, complete with potential speakers, please submit your ideas below as well.

- Seminars are presentations, often combined with hands-on application opportunities, that provide instruction on tools, techniques, and methodology of wargaming. Seminar or tutorial blocks are typically half an hour to one hour long.

For each presentation you would like to propose, please submit a separate form. We will ask for some important information in this form that may be included in the final conference agenda, so please be sure to complete this form accurately and as you wish to present to the conference.

The deadline for submissions is March 4, 2022. After that date, feel free to suggest a late-emerging idea, but we will only be able to accommodate you if there is space on the agenda.

Please contact Scott Chambers at with any questions or concerns.
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Tutorials are presentations, often combined with hands on application opportunities, that provide instruction on tools, techniques, and methodology of wargaming. These events tend to have a 30 minute to 60 minute time block. Would your presentation be appropriate as a seminar?
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