Tutorats / Personalised attention @ Alliance Française Madras

Merci de vous inscrire pour bénéficier d'un tutorat gratuit, pour vous aider a progresser, éclaircir un doute ou simplement parler en français! / Thank you for signing up below for a free personalised attention, to help you progress , clarify a doubt, or just speak french!

A la bibliothèque, créneaux horaires au choix / At the library, choose your timing!

Durée: 30mn en individuel / Time: 30 minutes of individual attention.

Inscriptions 48 heures avant le tutorat / Register 48 hours before your timing, you will receive a confirmation mail about date/timing of your personalised attention.

IMPORTANT: Les inscriptions après ce délai ne seront pas prises en considération / Registrations after this deadline won't be taken in consideration.

STEP 1: Je m'inscris / I register
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Groupe / Batch: *
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Mon professeur est / My teacher is: *
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Mon Email / My Email: *
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STEP 2 : Choix de l'horaire / Choice of timing
(You will receive a confirmation mail for your appointement in the time slot chosen - 30 minutes per student)
(MAXIMUM ONE option per student and per week)
A partir du 2 aout / Starting on August 2nd: *
STEP 3: Mon programme / My program
Examples: l'imparfait; les articles indefinis; le vocabulaire de la maison; me presenter en français oral...
Just one item.. And be specific! In that way, your tutor will be able to prepare the perfect activity for your needs.
Je voudrais travailler sur... / I would like to revise.... *
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