Apply to be a part of the River Detectives program for 2018
Are you wanting to get outside with your students and learn more about local waterways and why they are so precious?
If so please APPLY below and tell us why your school would like to get involved in the River Detectives program, there are limited places, please ensure you consider the questions carefully and tell us how you will make River Detectives successful with your school/group and how you will connect to your local water body (dam, river, creek, estuary!).

If accepted into the program you will have access to:
• Professional learning workshops
• Loan of a water quality testing kit and waterbug monitoring kit
• A login to the River Detectives portal to:
- record data from your testing
- access an activity booklet relating to catchments and your curriculum
- an interactive map to explore sites, plants and animals
• Invitation to be involved in special events
• Online learning opportunities

Applications close Friday 15 December 2017. Your regional River Detectives coordinator will be in touch if you have been successful in your application.

Visit the River Detectives website -

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1. Was your school or group involved in the program in 2017?
2. What year level and number of students do you anticipate being involved in the program (estimated)?
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3. What is the local waterway/body that you would like to monitor?
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4. The program has the ability to be delivered in a variety of ways. Of the below activities, which do you think your school is likely to do? (You can select more than one.)
5. The program has the ability to be delivered in a variety of ways in terms of timing. Of the below options which do you think your school is likely to do?
6. Professional learning sessions will be available at different times during the year* to allow you to come at a time that suits your school (*interest pending). Please let us know which time of the year would suit you best to introduce you to the program, testing and also expand your knowledge. (Please note: You can select more than one term below if you think you would like to keep your skills and knowledge up to scratch!) *
7. The program has a number of topics that we focus on during our professional learning sessions. Please indicate which topics you would be most interested in attending: (You can select more than one!) *
8. In relation to professional learning sessions which suits you best in terms of timing? *
9. What is your current knowledge of catchments, waterways?
10. What is your current skills in relation to water science testing (pH, EC, turbidity, phosphate etc.)?
I am not at all confident
I am confident in carrying out testing
11. What is your current skills in relation to waterbug monitoring and identification?
I have never done it before and have not identified any
I am confident sampling and identifying a range of waterbugs
12. Would you be interested in virtual learning sessions for:
13. Please tell us why your school is keen to be involved in the River Detectives program and monitor your chosen water body in 2018. How will your students, school and community benefit?
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14. Any other comments please let us know.
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15. I understand that by applying to be a part of the program I have the approval of my principal (or other manager) to attend professional learning sessions and their support to make the program successful. *
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