Cangames 2023 Game Masters Submission

Please support CanGames by running one or more events at the upcoming convention. Enter your game details below and just press Submit when you are done.

Please submit a separate form for every unique event (but use 1 form for multiple runnings of the same event).

Any questions may be directed to 
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What type of event?
The category of your event. For seminars, workshops, or other events, please use the notes for details.
The event name. Please note max 30 characters limit
Maximum number of players per running
This will help attract players to your game. We will typically not correct spelling or grammar, but we may edit it for space in the convention booklet. Include any GM provided awards. Please note max 30 words limit.
Name of the Game Master
Please enter your name. If there are multiple GMs please list only the primary contact here
This email will be used to communicate with your Event Coordinator and to create a GM profile on our schedule.
Alternate contact
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Are volunteers or other GM helping you? You can name them here.
Game System
Please include version where applicable and scale of miniatures
Duration in hours
Each time slot is 4 hours long. If your game is significantly longer or shorter, or crosses time slots, then registrants need to know this. If your game doesn't start at the beginning of the time slot, please indicate this in the Notes section.
The number of runnings of your game. (Note: if you require a minimum number of players for a running, generally start with one running and we can add more later.) Please include any semifinal and final rounds in this count. Note: we may need to limit runnings based on available space at the convention.
We mark the games with a familiarity level to allow the players to select based on their familiarity with the game - most games are at the Introduction level. Introductory is open to new players and no familiarity with the rules or the genre.  Advanced assumes knowledge of the rules and the genre. Not Applicable applies to Seminars, Workshops, etc.
CanGames Award
CanGames can provide a free trophy or certificate for 1st place winners and (at the player's option) 2nd & 3rd place Certificates. Select Multi-stage tournament if the winner declared only at the end (Trophy). Trophies are only available to games that have sufficient players and deadline is March 25th, 2020. Your Events Coordinator can tell you if your game qualifies for a trophy. There is a separate question about sponsored prizes.
Tournament type
If winners are assigned at the end of each running leave this blank
Please read and familiarized yourself with our Code of Conduct found here: We recommend that you read the following tools to help you provide a safe table environment:
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