Awesome Con 2020 Cosplay Photo Shoots
We love our cosplayers and want to make your experience at Awesome Con even more memorable.

Want to stage a Star Wars vs. Star Trek brawl? Want a Batman family reunion? Want to gather all the Doctors across time and space? Fill out this form with a proposed photo shoot and we'll put it on our programming calendar so cosplayers across Awesome Con can meetup and attend!

If you have any questions, please contact
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What fandom is your photo shoot for? *
Please only request one fandom per application. This can also be something as generic as "any superhero" or as specific as a "10th Doctors Only" photo shoot.
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I understand this is an application only. Awesome Con will add as many photo shoots to the schedule as it can, but I am not guaranteed a scheduled photo shoot at Awesome Con. I understand that I and all cosplayers participating in my photo shoot need to buy an Awesome Con badge and will be responsible for taking our own photos. *
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