Stage Plans Survey No. 1
I am thinking of developing a tool for creating stage plans/layouts for orchestra, band and music-theatre percussionists and drum set players, and anyone else that would find it useful.

But first, I would like to find out how many people are interested, and how many people would pay for this tool.

I will not build it unless I get a significant amount of interest and financial support ahead of time and during development. I would probably set up a crowd funding or patreon account or something similar for payments.

I have already done some experimenting and I know I can make a very meaningful and useful tool, but I also know now that it will take a lot of work. The plan would be to do it more or less full time, with ongoing support. Feedback from users/supporters would be essential.

See below for just a couple of very simple samples, to see the beginnings of what is possible. The possibilites are huge and the samples just scratch the surface. There could be all kinds of controls for defining, adding, removing and labeling the instruments (or not), and there could be different ways to use the final results.

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Sample No. 1. Buttons to add instruments. Eventually, dropdown lists would probably be necessary, or a searchable list. Instruments are draggable and tools would be added for customization.
Sample No. 2. A drum set made up of parts that are added separately. There could be a standard kit, or kits, or you could make your own. Labels could be optional (like with the ride cymbal and bass drum pedal in the image) and tools would be added for customization.
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