The Lace Midrash — Winter 5780 — Midnight Edition
Wednesdays, February 5 - March 25 | 7:00–9:30 PM |
Beit Yichud
6932 N Glenwood, Chicago,
Beit Yichud ( is a precious community space, just south of the Morse red line station. It is wheelchair accessible, scent free, well lit, and likes when we take off our winter shoes, so bring some slippers if you can.

Hooray! In these darkest weeks of the year, we're going to study Talmud about dreams together for 6 Wednesdays in a row. This is a fun, imaginative practice that requires a high level of commitment and participation.

Annie Sommer Kaufman will facilitate the learning. She is a seasoned teacher who trained at SVARA's full-time Yeshiva in 2016-2017 and has been teaching Talmud under that influence ever since.

This a mixed level learning space which means it is for you as long as you know the Hebrew letters. And if you know Hebrew well, get excited to slow down and dive deep. We all bring insights that enrich our learning.

If you don't yet know the Hebrew letters and want to join this learning, get in touch and we'll set up a time to get you ready.

Please fill out this registration form ASAP so I can plan our class well and prepare the appropriate materials. As always, reach out to Annie with any questions, concerns, or ideas –
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We will meet February 5, 12, 19, 26, March 4, 11, 18, and 25. Each class will build on the previous one, and you will have a study-partner who will be depending on you, so it is important that you commit to attending all the sessions. Please predict your attendance from the following options: *
Our approach to learning Talmud will be based on the teachings of Rabbi Benay Lappe, the Rosh Yeshiva of SVARA. We recommend you familiarize yourself with her reading of Jewish history and the role of the Talmud, by listening to this podcast or watching this presentation
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Our study will be richest when our group has people with a variety of Hebrew experience, and each person is matched with a study-partner at a similar level. For matching purposes - don't stress about this! - just click the box that seems to describe where you are at right now. *
The Talmud is a massive library of 37 volumes. We will be reading from the one called Bruches/Berachoth/ברוכות. *
In addition to our study partners, our main guide to reading the Talmud will be The Unabridged Jastrow Dictionary. PLEASE NOTE: THE LACE MIDRASH DOES NOT HAVE LOANER COPIES OF THIS REQUIRED TEXT. YOU MUST BRING ONE IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE. *
Mostly we are investing time, energy and heart into our study, but we also have to invest some money. Please choose a contribution amount that is comfortable for you. The goal is to average $80/student. Please don't let this be a barrier to your learning. We want you in our beys medresh. *
Since I can't accept money through this form, please visit PayPal and send the money to
Talmud study can be a central practice of a vibrant community. Please indicate how you want to help nurture our community
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