2022-23 TMHS Choir Permission for Student/Parent Provided Transportation
Tomball ISD requires all students to ride to and from all required activities in district-provided transportation. In circumstances where participation in an activity, competition, performance, and/or elective course is optional, Tomball ISD is not required to provide transportation; however in some cases district transportation may be available/can be required for certain activities by the sponsor. For optional activities, competitions, performances, and/or elective activities only, a parent may give consent for their child to drive to an activity, or to arrange another means of transportation, or an adult student (18 years of age) may also choose to drive himself/herself to an activity or arrange other means of transportation. In addition, Tomball ISD parking permit privileges are only issued to students who agree to participate in the random drug testing program. Written permission for student/parent provided transportation must be approved and on file with each teacher/sponsor and the campus principal for a student to be allowed any of these privileges.
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