Welcome to The League of Extraordinary People

Welcome to the "League of Extraordinary People", we are the people of this world-wide humanitarian project, who volunteer our time and efforts to bring free education to everyone, everywhere. No strings attached.
So far, we have made free college degree programs possible, obliterated the need for student debt, brought interactive, mobile classrooms alive, built an international mentoring community. And, we are just getting started.

A bit about us : The project began in 2010 - with the intention to remain free. It is now is 34000 members strong, and growing! It is still freely available to all. It is administered all by volunteers. Here is a link to an Ignite talk I gave to further our conversation. https://youtu.be/pVwuhH5JgYs

See www.worldmentoringacademy.com, where students can earn Bachelors in over 60 majors from several Regionally accredited State Colleges, and take open & Free curriculum in K-12, College, Trade School & Adult Enrichment Courses

You landed here because you can see the compelling reason to help this project in some small way.

We Affirm/Believe:
*That World Peace is Possible
*Believe the “Rumor”, that you can’t take money with you when you die.
*We are not tribal, but inclusive.
*We strive to make abundant life for all
*Environmental sustainability
*Complaining is not what we do.
*Have “Kindergarden Possibility Thinking”
*Star Trek “old Skool” runs in our veins. Explore vs. Destroy.
*Our talents & abilities will prevail.
*Contribute to Open Projects
*We will disrupt “Fear & Greed” with Play
*Seek & Mentor future Extraordinary People

Sincerely, Michael Williams

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