State Program Planning for 2017-18
Because wide interest among Leagues in Wisconsin in the issue of poverty, the State Board has asked all Leagues to discuss the following questions at your program planning meetings. We will compile the responses and use them as the basis for determining if a statewide study on poverty is appropriate and what its scope would be. Know that if we conduct a statewide study, all local Leagues would be expected to participate. (See state positions: National positions:
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1. If the League were to conduct a study on poverty on a statewide basis, what should be the focus of the work? Check all that apply -- but remember that we will need to focus.
2. Does your League know of some particularly good resources for such a study? Please list them here or send them by email to with "STUDY RESOURCES" in the subject line.
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3. If your League is studying, or has studied, poverty at the local level, what is/was the scope of the study? If you have done advocacy on the issue, what state, national or local positions have you used in your advocacy?
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4. Does LWV-WI need a state position on poverty, or are other, already existing state and national positions adequate for our advocacy in this area? (Links to state and national positions are in the introduction to this questionnaire.)
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5. If current state and national positions are not adequate, what areas need additional study and development?
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6. If your League believes a state-level position on poverty is needed, what should be the scope of the study and the methodology for developing a new position?
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7. As we do every year, the State Board invites local Leagues to propose state studies to update any state position (not just Poverty). Does your League propose another state program item? If your answer is NO, skip to the end of the questionnaire and click Submit. If YES, please answer the following questions.
7a. If yes, what position do you believe needs updating? (Please select a position from here: Also, explain the scope of the study needed to update the position.
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7b. If your League is recommending a study other than Poverty, what methodology would you recommend for carrying out the study?
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8. If your League is recommending a study, can your League provide volunteer leadership to carry out the study?
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