My daily mindfulness practice record
I'm choosing to keep a record of my daily personal mindfulness practice to increase my awareness of my mindfulness development, and to reflect on the mindfulness activities I have completed.
What formal mindfulness practice did I do today?
Select all that apply.
What did I notice during/after my formal mindfulness practice?
For example, 'I noticed that I was able to complete tasks throughout day in more mindful way' or 'I noticed tension in my body and was able to let it go. Felt more relaxed by the end'.
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What informal mindful moments did I have today?
For example, 'Listened to birdsong on my walk to work. Such a nice way to start the day,and noticed that I was calmer and more present as I started work'.
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What other ways did I practise mindfulness today?
For example, 'Turned off my email notifications to stop myself being distracted from priority tasks'.
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