Citizen Science Volunteer Patrol
Please fill out the below form to sign up for the Margate Terrapin Rescue Project's Citizen Science Patrol Program. As citizen scientists, you are a vital part to continuing the success and furthering the research of not only the Margate Terrapin Rescue Project but other organizations that have been following our work and using our research in their own areas. Citizen scientists are those in the community who volunteer and contribute their time/resources towards scientific research in conjunction with scientists and researchers. Since we are a small group, we cannot perform all the research ourselves. We will try to accommodate all patrol day requests. A volunteer waiver (for anyone performing or accompanying patrols) will also need to be signed and returned prior to starting patrols. We will email the form and additional information to you after we receive the completed form.

We want to get the community involved so that everyone can partake in something as rewarding and important as saving terrapins!

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