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The CCMM-in-Schools program is a unique "pop-up" cross-cultural museum experience installed directly on participating school campuses. Divided into three thematic exhibitions, CCMM's comprehensive collection of more than 3,500 international art objects and artifacts is perfectly suited to the middle school curriculum. Students need only walk down the hall to a museum-quality exhibition representing every human endeavor across ancient and modern times. No buses. No lost days of instruction.

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The CCMM-in-Schools program sets up its exhibit directly in a room on the school's campus, usually the library, multi-purpose room, or a large classroom. The full installation requires approximately 75 running feet of display space with 11 foot high ceilings. The smaller version of the setup, for smaller spaces, requires approximately 50 running feet of display space and 11 foot high ceilings. Please note that the exhibition can accommodate curves and turns in its display (i.e. the space does not need to have a 70 foot wall).
Does your school have a secure room large enough to accommodate the CCMM-in-Schools display for the entirety of its visit?
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