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Please read the rules carefully, before applying for the Licence
What is a Arz Kia hai standard chapter meetup?
Imagine a day filled with feelings flowing out in the form of poem's, stories and mind-blowing conversations on literature. By organizing a standard Arz kia hai chapter meet-up, you can create a unique gathering in your community that will unleash new talents, hidden treasures of literature and yes, getting connected with awesome human beings who share your passion.

The format:
A suite of short, carefully moderated sessions of established writers, open mic, performances followed by insights in the literature field, while recording some of the most amazing pieces of literature and making them available worldwide..
Community-driven and bias-free content
Arz kia hai standard meet-up event is organized by volunteers from the local community. It lacks any commercial, religious or political agenda. Its goal is to build connection among writers and literature enthusiasts.

Who can apply:
Anyone who has passion in his/her heart and ink in his/her pen for literature and wants to create a community locally based on that can apply for a license of Arz Kia Hai chapter.

To start a chapter (Getting the license for a chapter):
1. There should be at-least 12 registered members of Arz kia hai in your city/town including 10 shypods and 2 bigwigs (atleast) to request for a chapter
2. You need to announce the names of members to core team to start the chapter. License will be issued only after verification by the core team followed by one on one interview
3. The minimum tenure for the license is 1 year which includes 6 standard. meet-up events to be conducted every 2nd sat/sun in 2 months. Failing to conduct regular meet-ups as mentioned will terminate your license.
4. You need to form a chapter team and report their details to the core team, assisting you in following roles.
a) *Media Incharge – who’s responsibility is to build and manage relationships with local media including Radio, Newspaper and TV
b) *Community Managers – who will monitor the activity of members and check if they are following rules (which include giving feedbacks to each others which should be strongly followed)
c) *Curator – who will select 5 best creations from your chapter, selected entries from audience for open mic, schedule of bigwigs and shypods, appoint trainee and decide content for training module, special award to most number of feedbacks/reviews given by a member, look for any announcement being done. The schedule needs to be verified from core team
d) Partnerships lead – who will develop long lasting partnerships which include venue partner, food and beverage partner, coverage partner and others
e) Chapter secretary - who will keep account of all the financials and to generate a report of the memberships and overall performance along with the creative lead
f) Creative advisor- who will keep track and give feedback about the city poets and the ways in which the literary contributions of the chapter can be enhanced
Note: The (*) marked are mandatory to start a chapter
5. The chapter team needs to meet once in 15 days (or on phone) and need to submit a report of chapter and its operations to the core team to continue running the chapter which comprises of Financial report (monthly) and Creative report (fortnightly)
6. All the creative’s/designs needed for any purpose will be provided by the core team with theme of the event
7. This license limits number of participants in standard chapter meet between 30-100 and maximum number members per chapter being 50
8. You can’t make any public or private group in name of “arz kia hai” in any social media platform including whatsapp. Any such group required will be made by core team, as you communicate your requirement
9. In-order to make chapter strong, you can ask the members of arz kia hai to refer at-least 1 person per meetup
10. The Chapter Lead has to inform the core team beforehand if he is getting any sponsorship or he is launching any product/book/artwork.
11. The logo of the community cannot be changed or hampered in any form.
12. The event can only be hosted from official facebook page of Arz Kia Hai.
13. The event name should be of format Arz Kia Hai "Chapter name" – “theme(if there is any)”.
14. No other community/person can hold any type of event in our name without the permission of current incharge.
15. You can transfer ownership of the license to some other member with prior notice to the core team in advance (at-least before 2 months you want to transfer)
16. Violation of any of above rule will terminate your license with “Arz Kia Hai”
17. You have to renew your license annually to remain license owner of the chapter by submitting the annual fee of the license (which will be refunded to you in the end of your tenure, if you follow your responsibilities appropriately) which will entitle you following benefits

Benefits to start a standard chapter of Arz kia hai:
If you are someone who set things off, is a leader and literature lover then you don’t even need to read this.
1. Build and lead a dynamic community of literature enthusiasts in your locality
2. Build quality relationships that lasts lifetime while being a part of literature revolution
3. Get an exclusive branded arz kia hai kit
4. Invitation to Arz kia hai national convention, gathering of literature enthusiasts, poets, writers and publishers from all over the nation with exclusive travel and stay
5. Get connected to writers, publishers and literature enthusiast from all over the nation
6. Assume a role of a leader in your community
7. Let your chapter grow with the money you will be saving:
Yes! We will share 50% of the profits you make from the selling of the event tickets so that you can manage the expenses well and remaining can invest in your community to let it grow. The rest will go into maintaining the community, it's platforms and payouts to the core team
8. Every membership that is issued from your reference, you will get 20% of the membership fee. This amount you can invest in your chapter in giving some extra incentives to writer or manage expenses or build up a fund to help a writer. Sometimes even very small funds help a lot!

By this you will be giving on average 30mins/day to the community, meeting twice a month with the community members and following all the rules above. Do you accept and want to continue? *
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