Jessaca's ARC Team- Request Form
Hello! Thank you for your interest in joining my ARC Team!

What is an ARC?
An ARC is a pre-released copy of a book, given to a trusted reader prior to the book's release date, in exchange for a review.

Why are ARC Team Members important?
Reviews help potential readers to decide whether or not they might find the book enjoyable. The more reviews a book has on its release date, the more likely it is to reach readers.

As an independent author, I rely on my ARC Team to help me ensure my books have the best possible launch they can get! The honest reviews my ARC Team provides help other readers determine if my books are the right fit for them.

How does it work?
The process for readers who are interested in joining my ARC Team goes as such:

- Fill out the form
- Receive welcome email
- When an ARC becomes available, receive an email update that asks if you are able to read and review within the time allotted
- If you say yes: receive the ARC, read, and review
- If you say no/don't respond: wait for the next update/request

By completing this form, you are agreeing to the following:

⚜️ Not to share your ARC with anyone else;
⚜️ To post your review on time, within the designated timeframe. If a deadline cannot be met, the author just asks that you communicate that upfront (we all understand that life happens sometimes, but communication is key);
⚜️ Not to share major spoilers in your review;
⚜️ Not to mention grammatical errors or formatting issues in your review. Errors found in the advanced reader copies will be fixed in the final, published version, and therefore do not need to be mentioned in the review. You can, however, email the author if you find any errors that you think needed to be addressed; and
⚜️To allow the author to use your review, either in whole or in part, for promotional purposes, without compensation.

If all of that sounds great to you and you are still interested in joining the ARC Team, please complete the form below!
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Tell me a bit about yourself! There's no pressure here, I just like getting to know my ARC readers. :)
My books contain content not suitable for children, and therefore all ARC Team Members must be 18 years of age or older. Please confirm your age below.
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Which websites do you post reviews on?
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Please provide the link to your review of one of Jessaca Willis' books. If you answered “I haven’t read any” in the previous question, please put a link to one of your other reviews of a different book.
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ARC Team Agreements
Now for the serious stuff.

Those accepted onto the ARC Team will receive copyrighted material in the form of Advance Reader Copies (ARCs). ARCs and any parts of ARCs are not permitted to be shared with anyone but the intended recipient, without express permission from the author (Jessaca Willis).

The contents of ARCs shall not be discussed outside of the designated review group until the official release of said material. Reviews should, therefore be, spoiler-free.

If it is discovered that protected intellectual property has been leaked and shared in violation of these terms, future inclusion in releases will be forfeit and legal action may be taken.

Upon receiving an ARC, the ARC Team member will be given a designated time frame in which reviews are expected to be completed. Failure to complete reviews within the designated time frame three times without notice will result in your removal from the author's ARC team and make you ineligible to receive any of her future ARCs.

If you are unable to read and review within the timeframe please contact the author.

An ARC is an unfinished, semi-polished version of a story, and are made available to ARC readers for review purposes only. Any grammatical errors and formatting issues found in ARCs will be corrected in the final, published version of the book. Do not mention grammatical errors or formatting issues in your ARC review. If you find yourself unable to leave an honest review without mentioning them, please contact the author to discuss how to proceed; a finalized version may be provided instead, closer to the review date.

Once your review has been posted, please send a link to the review to the author, so that you are not accidentally placed on the "ineligible" list.

Please note that once an ARC review is posted, the author is able to use the review, either in whole or in part, for promotional purposes, without compensation.

Do you understand and agree to the above terms?
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