Distribution Survey
1. Would you rather have a subscription-based revenue model (like Netflix) or an ad-based subscription model (like YouTube)? *
2. Would you want to be on a service that allows anyone to post or have curated and scheduled content? *
3. Would you prefer a niche, but more devoted, audience or a broad, but less interested, audience? *
4. Would you be interested in streaming platform that did marketing for you (Social Media Posts, Advertisements, Posters, etc.) *
5. Would you be interested in a platform that paid you for your content by how often it is watched? *
6. Would you be willing to post content on a streaming service that asked that you could not post that same content on other distribution platforms? *
7. How important is access to the viewership data of your content? *
Not Important
Very Important
8. How important is a community aspect for a distribution service to you? *
Not Important
Very Important
Contact Info
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